A couple who just couldn't sit back and see so many animals not given a chance

Hollie & Russ

We are an ordinary couple with full time jobs, and otherwise a normal life. After settling down in Spain we quickly realised what a huge problem there was with neglected dogs and we just had to do something to help. What started off as ´we will take in a couple of dogs´ has now grown to a full size rescue….and yes, we do still have those full time jobs! We live in a beautiful area of Spain with an ugly stray dog problem.    We are a private, self-funded animal shelter, in Estepona. Some dogs we rescue at the last minute from the “kill stations” in Spain. Some we find in the countryside and spend days building up trust with in order to rescue. Some are given to us. All are socialised, walked every single day, get association time in the main land, fed nutritious food, loved and nursed back to health (mentally and physically). And where possible, rehomed. We want to give every animal a chance for a happy ever after. That takes money, hard work & love. With your help we can make a difference.

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We want to help as many dogs as possible to feel safe, secure and know what it's like to be loved and hopefully find them all a Happy Ever After.



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